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281 Raglan Street South

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Children’s Eye Examination





1 in 6 children have a vision problem that can impact their ability to learn and participate fully in school and on the playground. The earlier a vision problem is detected the better the chances of successful treatment.

Your child’s eyes require a vision examination just like adults. A vision screening or limited pre-school physical does not provide enough information to know if your child is experiencing vision problems.

An age appropriate eye and vision examination of a pre-school child would generally include the following:

  • Patient and family history
  • Visual acuity measurement
  • Assessment of refractive status (the need for prescription glasses)
  • Evaluation of ocular motility, binocular vision and accommodative function
  • Ocular health examination
  • When appropriate, supplemental testing of visual perceptual development may be provided

The optometric guidelines suggest that children have their eyes examined at 6 months of age, 3 years of age and then annually while in school.

At Renfrew Eye Clinic, we are equipped to examine infants and school aged children.  We make sure our young patients feel comfortable and have a great experience!

How can I prepare for my child’s eye exam?

We see many children at our clinic and can schedule entire families together.  Here are some of the things to expect for your child’s first eye exam:

  • The optometrist will have your child look at different pictures, letters or numbers, and may be asked to wear “silly” glasses during various tests
    • If you would like a picture card to practice naming pictures before the eye exam, please stop by Renfrew Eye Clinic and ask the front desk!
  • The optometrist will use special lights to look at their eyes.  These light may be very bright, but are perfectly safe
  • Smaller children are welcome to sit on their parent’s lap during the exam
  • Sometimes eye drops are required.  This will be discussed with parents, and can be done at a separate follow-up appointment if needed.

Renfrew Eye Clinic is happy to partner with Eye See Eye Learn

The Eye See Eye Learn is a not-for-profit program designed to detect, diagnose and treat children with vision problems when they begin junior kindergarten, so that every child can see and learn to the best of their ability.

The Ontario Association of Optometrists (OAO) and the Government of Ontario are pleased to bring this program, in conjunction with industry partners Modern Optical and Plastic Plus.  The program provides a free pair of glasses and lenses to any kindergarten student who requires them.