Dr. Dewey, Dr. Humphries, Dr. Rowley and Dr. Welburn are your local source for quality family eye care in Renfrew. Our optometrists and staff are here to help you with all of your visual needs including comprehensive eye health exams, diabetic eye exams, glasses, contact lenses and laser vision consultations/post-operative care, cataract assessment/post-operative care and urgent care (eye infections/injury).

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281 Raglan Street South, Renfrew, Ontario

(613) 432-3573


281 Raglan Street South

Renfrew, Ontario



Eye Examination for Seniors




Your sight is very important, and many natural changes take place as you age.  At Renfrew Eye Clinic, your optometrist will continue to monitor and manage your eye health.

Early detection is very important in successfully treating and preventing many eye conditions.  Here are some of the many eye conditions that may or may not lead to vision changes:

  • Presbyopia:  A natural aging process that makes focusing up close more difficult over time.  Presbyopia can cause headaches, blurred vision, sore eyes and more need for light when reading
  • Cataracts:  Cataracts cause your natural lens inside your eye to lose its transparency over time.  This can cause significant changes in your prescription, as well as cause blurred vision, distorted vision, double vision and problems with glare.
  • Macular Degeneration:  This is a disease that causes changes to your central vision over time and is the leading cause of vision loss among older adults.
  • Glaucoma: Also known as a “silent” disease, Glaucoma often has no symptoms until very late in the course of the disease.  Glaucoma can be caused by elevated pressure in the eye and can lead to serious vision loss if not detected or if left untreated.

Very often, serious eye conditions can develop without obvious symptoms.  This is why the ongoing management of vision health should be a key factor in everyone’s healthcare plan.

A full eye exam by your optometrist is the first step in maintaining the health of your eyes.  OHIP provides coverage for yearly comprehensive eye exams for Ontario residents aged 65 and older.

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